Munky is pleased to announce it’s commitment to help reduce carbon emissions in to the environment by swapping over to 100% renewable energy. As from 10th April 2016, we will be sourcing all our energy from the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards ‘Company of the Year’ 2015, ‘Good Energy‘.

Post-production isn’t a very green industry what with vast arrays of workstations, servers, render farms and aircon running 24/7. Add into the mix international flights to supervise shoots and attend conferences and we find ourselves in the category of ‘high CO2 emittor’. By swapping over to renewable energy we aim to begin the journey to reduce our carbon footprint; help promote this small but important UK industry; highlight the need for it and encourage others to follow suit. In real terms it’s a tiny drop in the ocean but it all adds up if enough of us join the dots. Hybrid cars are the next most important thing an individual can do that is significant and they are finally becoming affordable on the second hand market.

Though COP21 was a tremendous diplomatic triumph, the motions resulting were unimpressive. More irritatingly, the UK Government seems to be going backwards with it’s disappointing policies on fracking and cuts to UK solar.

We have to do what we can as planet Earth citizens from the ground up while campaigning and educating and hope that world political leaders and policy makers catch on and raise their game sooner rather than later.

Gary Brown

Owner & Creative Director, Munky.