Adidas – TeamGB #takethestage

We are thrilled to have been part of such a stylish, authentic and meaningful campaign as Sid Lee’s Adidas TeamGB #takethestage


Directed by Isaiah Seret and beautifully shot by Ross McLennan, Munky developed, supervised and posted five very personal and inspirational films for Adidas Team GB. The spots feature GB stars Tom Daley, Jess Innes, Phillips Idowu and Louis Smith. We get an insight into who these supreme athletes really are. Their background and their culture. The ads build up to the moment they’ve been waiting for all their lives as they Take The Stage for Team GB.

Prettybird producer Ben Sullivan got us on board back in April, confident that we were the right people to give this campaign the love and attention required. The tight turnaround needed a team of artists and producers totally dedicated to this one project and nothing else.

The sixty second ad debuted as first spot in the ad break immediately after Spain were crowned champions of Euro 2012.

I want to sincerely THANK YOU and your team on all the great work and constant devotion in regards of this project. This has been very precious to us for quite some time…… and I have to say that getting a partner that we did not know anything about was a bit of a risk for us and filled with question marks…. At the beginning anyway 😉  You have proven rapidly to be part of those who walk the talk, deliver great creative and pushes the limit to excellent. Excellent words is the only thing I have for Munky and it’s team. Thank you and looking forward to working with you guys again!! Thanks for passing on my true appreciation and regards to the rest of your team. Claudia Roy – Executive Producer, Partner, Jimmy Lee

Sid Lee
Creatives: Dan Brooks & Daniel Chandler
Producer: Jani Delorme and Claudia Roy @ Jimmy Lee


Bridle Productions
Producer: Julia Methold


Director: Isaiah Seret
Producer: Ben Sullivan
Exec Producer: Juliette Larthe


VFX: Gary Brown, Fabio Vona, Chris Bristow, Ryan Passmore, Nick Bennett, Jude Roberts & Pragti Wadhwa.
Production: Maria Manton, Sharuddin Rosunally, Samantha Banack
Shoot Supervision: Gary Brown, Chris Bristow, Fabio Vona & Alfie Brown (apprentice)
Colourist: Steffan Perry (c/o Framestore)


Cut & Run
Editor: James Rose