Adidas “Unleash Your Beast”

It’s faster than you, fitter than you and it trains smarter than you. ‘It’ is your best and it’s only going to get better… This dynamic short for Adidas will compel you to unleash your best with their state of the art miCoach creations.

A truly Herculean show of stamina and creativity was required by both VFX artists and producers to realise this idea from a brief into a final film with 10 days. A totally insane workflow saw Munky producing final VFX shots before edit lock means that some work will have to be viewed exclusively on the DVD extras 😉 There was frankly no other way this film could have been delivered on time. It was however a great pleasure to work with the immense talent that is Karim Huu Do.

Director: Karim Huu Do
Producer: Ben Sullivan & Katie Dolan

Iris London
Creative Director: Adam Fish
Producer: Antony Le Breton & Cordelia Plunket
Account Executive: Danny Stone

Lead VFX Artist & Colourist: Venancio David
VFX ‘Spectrum’ Artist: Chris Bristow
VFX Artists: Andy Hague, Miguel Algora, Gary Brown, Keith Wallis, Pragti Wadhwa
Producer: Maria Manton
Production Assistant: Gillian Mackie

Cut & Run
Editor: Sam Jones
Assistant Editors:  Laura Dunn, Ben Cortfield