Tantrum comedy director, Matt Lipsey, directs two 30” spots for new VCCP campaign for betting brand BetVictor. Featuring the actor and comedic performer Paul Kaye, famed for his outrageous spoof journalist creation Dennis Pennis and It’s All Gone Pete Tong, the spots see Kaye playing the eccentric Maurice.


Lipsey and Kaye collaborated with VCCP creative’s Nathaniel White, Ben Daly and creative director Colin Byrne to create a new character for Kaye. Maurice plays a foil to the straight talking no-nonsense Victor, who plays himself in the commercials.


The first spot ‘Clubhouse’ that sees Victor enjoying breakfast at an exclusive golf course until the tranquility is broken by the loud and colourful arrival of Maurice. Desperate to impress Victor he is decked out in full golfing attire replete with canary yellow plus fours and Pringle v-neck. Maurice cuts the figure of a man who tries hard but consistently fails to understand the subtle panache of Victor’s lifestyle. As he tries to win Victor’s affections and get the low down on the odds, he doesn’t quite comprehend what Victor is telling him: That anyone can get his best odds and place a bet simply by going to Despite his hapless ways, we can’t help but like Maurice and his infectious enthusiasm.


The second spot is ‘Road Trip’ where we see Victor exiting a plush country hotel only to be stopped in his tracks as Maurice, slightly manic and wild eyed after drinking a LOT of coffee, screeches to a halt in a shiny gold Cadillac along with some dubious looking misfits in the back.  Head to toe in snakeskin he offers Victor a road trip to Vegas all in the name of going to play casino games. Victor, a little weary of these crazy antics, advises him to go to for all the casino games he could want to play as Maurice promptly passes out before waking abruptly and, as if nothing has happened, starts all over again…  “Victor, hop in mate… next stop Vegas!” (with more than nod to Withnail and I in his performance)


In an industry filled with complex processes, rules and jargon, this new campaign is designed to bring to life the relative ease of betting or gaming with BetVictor, driving consumers to via their smart-phone, tablet or computer.


Director: Matt Lipsey
Exec Producer: Stuart Wrigglesworth
Producer: Jeannine Mansell


Producer: Catherine Long
Creatives: Nathanial White & Ben Daly
Creative Director: Colin Byrne


VFX: Gary Brown, Chris Bristow, Libby Gandhi
Producer: Maria Manton
Telecine: Steffan Perry c/o Framestore