Cactus Kid

Cactus Kid is the new Oasis (soft drink) campaign created by Mother and directed by Mike Maguire of Independent. Munky worked alongside Tareq Kubaisiand & Simon Bourne of Prime Focus who graded the film to convey a look similar to the 70’s film “Badlands”. The campaign tells the story of a 20 year old girl from the deep south who has fallen for the wrong boy, Cactus Kid. They both do not drink water, but only drink Oasis… On telling her rather perplexed mother she is expecting Cactus Kids’ child they then have no choice but to go on the run until the birth of their cactus baby. The campaign consists of three television commercials, “Pregnant”,“Diner” and “Motel”. Then 4 x viral spots, 3 of which are for the viewer to choose on the internet their preferred ending in the Hospital scene (“Happy, “Twist and “Sad”). The fourth viral spot is the trailer,which tells the whole story in 90 seconds. Gary, match graded and finessed certain scenes, which were shot on different film formats. Gary also created a cinematic look throughout the trailer and this with the audio mixed by Sam Ashwell of 750mph leaves you wishing wish that Cactus kid was a film!