Dewars – Golden Beam

Leo Burnett creatives Phil & Bertie came up with a script about a group of friends going for an early evening drink on a rooftop bar. They  try to contact a missing chum still at work. A golden beam of light forms in front of them as the sun catches their bottle of Dewars. An idea occurs to them to direct the light into their friend’s office to attract his attention. The fun plays out as they bounce the beam across the city.

Blink’s Lynn Fox directed the spot which was shot over 5 days in Hong Kong with Gary Brown supervising proceedings.

Director: Lynn Fox
Producer: Nick Glendinning
Production Manager: Lauren Highman

Leo Burnett
Producer: Emmalou Johnson
Creatives: Bertie Scrase and Philip Deacon
Creative Director: John Jessup

Lead Flame: Gary Brown
Flame Assist: Kamen Markov
Flame Assist: Daniel Lorenzini
Combustion: Chris Bristow