Gorillaz – Stylo

Animated alt-electro outfit Gorillaz have just released the video for their first single, “Stylo,” from their third album, Plastic Beach, released on March 8th.

The video directed by Gorillaz’ Jamie Hewlett with Passion Pictures’ Pete Candeland, has a post-apocalyptic feel, as Gorillaz characters Murdoc Niccals, Cyborg Noodle and 2D end up in a high speed car chase through the desert with one of the best cameos in a music video you are likely to see

The track features guest vocals from rapper Mos Def and soul legend Bobby Womack, who each lend a soulful touch to the song’s hip-hop beats and understated disco synths.

Munky were asked by Passion Pictures to help out with the mammoth task of cleaning up the interior of the Stylo car in order to place the Gorillaz. With both camera and car whizzing all over the place, we employed a load of 2D and 3D techniques and a pinch of lateral thinking to remove the stunt drivers in all shots.     watch demo clip

Passion Pictures
VFX Supervisor: Jason Nicholas
Producer: Debbie Crosscup

Flame: Gary Brown, Dan Lorenzini,
Combustion: Chris Bristow,
Shake: Pragti Wadhwa and Pavan Balagam.
Prod manager: Kate Ellis