“As a priest, isn’t everything our business?  There’s no part of the human heart which is not our responsibility” – Sidney Chambers

This new, exciting ITV drama, set amongst a backdrop of the rural hamlet of Grantchester, follows the life of Sidney Chambers (James Norton), village priest turned private detective. When one of his parishioners dies in suspicious circumstances, Sidney forms an unlikely partnership with gruff Detective Inspector Geordie Keating, (Robson Green), and quickly finds himself in a new and dangerous world filled with murder, betrayal and lies. 

With an excellent supporting cast, this six part drama series, which first airs on Monday 6th October at 9pm, was commissioned by Lovely Day, produced by Emma Kingsmen- Lloyd (DCI Banks, Life of Crime, Lip Service), and executive produced by Diedrich Sanser (Cutting It, Jane Eyre, Eastenders). Adapted for the screen by Daisy Coulan (Eastenders, Casualty), it is based on the novel ‘Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death’ by James Runcie. The series was lead directed by Harry Bradbeer (Prisoner’s Wives, The Hour, The Cops, This Life).

Munky’s magic heightened perilous moments throughout the series. Our work included enhancing flames to engulf the interior of a beautiful old building as actors are clambering through trying to escape, compositing an actor being pushed in front of a moving train in the climatic moment of Episode One and embellishing bullet wounds, both in terms of impact and blood & gore. Set in the 1950′s, there was a good amount of modern artefact removal as well as a bit of general cleanup, however the production was already very polished before arriving at Munky’s door. 

Working on this show with Lovely Day was a real pleasure. Looking forward to more! 

Lovely Day 

Directors: Harry Bradbeer, Jill Robertson and Tim Fywell

Producer: Emma Kingsman-Lloyd

Post Production Supervisor: Michelle Camp


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

Flame Artists: Mark Epstein, Venancio David & Fabio Vona

After FX Artists: Andy Hague, Chris Bristow

Junior VFX Artist: Keith Wallis

Nuke Artists: Miguel Algora, J. João Rodrigues, Zissis Papatzikis and Ryan Passmore.

VFX Line Producer: Gillian Mackie