Guillemots – The Basket

Munky’s Chris Bristow just finished up Tom Kingsley’s latest promo for Guillemots new single The Basket

Tom Kingsley on making the video for Guillemots’ The Basket

“Like most music videos, we had several months prep and sixty grand at our disposal – no questions asked. So we shot on the Harry Potter forest set with James Cameron’s new IMAX 3D camera system. For modesty’s sake, we post-converted to 2D 7D. And then Munky’s After Effects guru Chris Bristow did beautiful post work all night every night for a week. The video literally wouldn’t have been possible without him.

“The shoot day was very fast and very fun, with James Moriarty heroically doing his own steadicam and engineering his own crane by magic-arming a 7D onto a pole. Everyone mucked in – we even got CJ the commissioner holding poly boards and rigging the flimsy tent.

“There were a couple of problems, sure. For starters, I overslept, and turned up 45 minutes late. The cheap speakers I’d brought from home to save money turned out to be so pitifully quiet that Sally, who was doing hair and make-up, had to park her car just offscreen, and play the song on that.

“In the last shot of the day, MC the guitarist got a flare fired straight into his eye. I kept the shot where that happens in the video. Blink and you’ll miss it. If only he had done the same.”

Colonel Blimp
Director: Tom Kingsley
Producer: Tom Kingsley

VFX Artist: Chris Bristow