Indian Summers Season 2

Returning for another scandalous season, Indian Summers series two brings us back to the residents of Simla three years after the events of series one. Kicking off with an attempted terrorist attack on the British Viceroy of India, this series promises as much drama, intrigue and messy human relationship as its predecessor. Currently airing on Channel 4, Sunday’s at 9pm we won’t give away too much of what happens over the next ten episodes so make sure you stay tuned….

Munky were excited to be back with the cast and crew for series two. Gary Brown headed back out to Malaysia to keep an eye on proceedings and offer on set advice, and our artists back in London worked tirelessly to ensure that series two was as visually stunning as series one. We worked on countless landscape shots, ensuring that modern day Malaysia was transformed into 1930s India, as well as amping on the drama on several sequences.

Channel 4 & Little Island Productions

Directors: Paul Wilmshurst, John Alexander, Jonathan Teplitzky

Executive Producer: Charlie Pattinson, Elaine Pyke & Simon Curtis

Post Production Supervisor: Pete Oldham


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

Lead VFX Artist: Fabio Vona

VFX Artists: Venancio David, Mark Epstein, Gary Brown, Miguel Algora & Brett Bone.

Line Producer: Gillian Mackie

Production Assistant: Kate Warburton