January 2nd

Jan 2nd is a bittersweet romantic comedy about four couples, finally forced to grow up in their thirties. Kidults, forever hanging on to their adolescence.

Munky was pleased to be involved in such a hip, sexy film! We created a fantastically real twinkling starry night, a few FX based around frollics with fireworks, various nips and tucks as well as designing and timing out the opening and end credits.


You know you are in trouble when your girl friends put up an organization chart to explain why you were invited to the New Years Party in the country … Only in Britain can the New Years Holiday be celebrated with sublime wit and comedy as a re-union of London city dwellers arrives on the doorstep of a modern-day back-to-the-farm family, Adam, Claire, and daughter Jodie, where marriage is as flinty sharp as the hills of their sheep ranch.

As friends arrive with untested partner arrangements, the gathering girl friends soon discover after the dinner party that their stalwart male friend, Sean, holds the record of having slept with all of them for all the wrong reasons. And if January 2nd is too late for new resolutions, it isn’t too late for revenge.

Matt Winn’s feature, “January 2nd” was originally developed with LA studio Fox Searchlight and was completed in 2007, and released on Guerilla Films in 2008.

Beautifully shot on 35mm and set amongst the stunning scenery of the Cambrian mountains in mid-Wales, it stars Ruth Gemmel (“Fever Pitch”) and Simon Kunz (“Matchpoint’) in the story of an old group of college friends who come together for a New Year’s Eve reunion.

During the course of an intense weekend, they discover the true nature of friendship, and in a series of nuanced and very naturalistic performances, they reflect on the comic modern dilemma of adults finally being forced to grow up, much against their will.

Directors Comment

“Directing “January 2nd” was a real pleasure. The crew gave a 150% and the brilliant cast delivered superbly nuanced performances.

We also had the luxury of a two week rehearsal period before the shoot, which I think is reflected in the intimacy of the on screen relationships.

It really looks like they’d known each other for a long time, when of course, they’d only just met. Simon Coull produced some brilliant cinematography.

I’d love to do it all again, just with more money!”