Kasabian – Football Gaming Live

After the success of Kasabian Football Hero, Foam had the ambitious idea of creating a FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer type football game using real players. They decided to map the buttons from a gaming controller onto voice commands so that players would hear “shoot”, “pass”, “tackle” etc in their headphones.

Kasabian lead singer Tom Meighan and England / Aston Villa striker Darren Bent agreed to battle it out at the controls, and Sony Ericsson stepped in and provided their Xperia Play smartphones to power the technology side. Umbro provided the finishing touch with some awesome custom-made Kasabian kits. Each player is wearing an EL-wire headband which lights up when he’s selected. Once a player is selected he must then obey the voice commands send to him via the controller. The pitch is surrounded by coloured hoardings which are mapped to the direction controller. When a player hears a colour in his headphones he runs towards that colour.

see how the game works

Creatives: Phil Clandillon & Steve Milbourne
Producer: Simon Poon

VFX: Stephane Allender
Producer: Sharuddin Rosunally