Kove ft Moko – ‘Hurts’

Shot on location in Sweden, this exceptionally beautiful video comes from the latest collaboration between British electronic music producer Kove, and artist Moko.

Munky were involved in this production right from the word go, with Gary offering lots of advice to director Dani before the shoot. Tasked with creating the light source or ‘power’ that is seen starting to leak from her chest, and gradually build as the promo went on, we also handled the tricky climactic shot of Moko levitating in the air. Our artists worked extremely hard to develop the right aesthetic for the light source, as well as making the final shot as dramatic and visually appealing as both the song, and landscape, deserved!

Unit 9

Director: Dani Deville

Producer: Rory Mathieson


Lead VFX Artist: Gary Brown

Nuke Artists: Brett Bone & Miguel Algora

Production Assistant: Kate Warburton