Mercedes – Dance

Lynn Fox out of Blink just posted a spot for the new Mercedes C-Class range at Munky.

International Ad Agency of the Year 2008, Jung von Matt came up with a script that uses the visual metaphor of a ballerina photographically superimposed over a bull to convey the message that Mercedes’s new C-Class reflects ‘power combined with elegance’.

Lynn Fox got Munky involved at the initial stage to plan how it would be possible to shoot an agitated bull in the wide open surroundings of the Almeria desert in southern Spain. It soon became apparent that the bull would only perform in the required way if it were filmed within a bull ring…. which we did in the outskirts of Seville. Final Cut in London selected takes of the bull upon which the following week in Prague, the ballerina could choreograph her moves. Camera angles of the ballerina were matched to those of the bull takes so that once combined it would feel as though the two elements shared a sense of space.

Rick Russell at Final Cut in London sculpted an edit that was then graded by Paul Harrison in Baselight at The Mill. Munky then had ten days to do the online. We had to cut 40 secs of HD bull from its background and comp it into digital stills snapped by Lynn Fox prior to the fun bit… creating a double exposure feel between the bull and the ballerina.

Three different car endings were created and the ad rolled out in March. Originally destined for Spain, the spot is now showing in Macedonia, Belgium, Nicaragua, China, Moldova, Poland, Japan, Australia, Greenland, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand and Taiwan.