This seriously stunning advert for the new Mercedes S- Class Coupé takes us with the car as it travels through an almost deserted city, and the vast landscape beyond. Beautiful scenery and clever camera shots highlight the sleek power of the car, and Munky were thrilled to be a part of the team that worked on such an engaging, international campaign.

We were heavily involved in this project for a couple of months, working on everything from clean up shots and stabilisation, to lion fish ‘wrangling’! Due to the need for an almost immaculate landscape for the Mercedes to travel through, our lead VFX Artist Vinny spent weeks making sure everything was as clean and visually appealing as possible. He made street marking, traffic lights (and even people) vanish, he added speed ramps, colourised the sky to make it pop on screen, as well as getting rid of studio lights and crew shots in the very tricky mirror sequence. He also paid a lot of attention to the ‘horse’s eye’ shot. Making the reflection both obvious and realistic in that one shot was tricky, but the finished product looks beautiful. We also knew we wanted to get exactly the right look for the lion fish shot, and so two of our other artists, after phone calls to various London aquariums, went to shoot an actual lion fish in its tank. The shots were then inserted beautifully into the final edit.

This was a big project for both Munky and everyone else who was involved. Not only did there need to be several different versions, due to it being a multi-national campaign, there was also a wide range of time edits- ranging from 60 seconds all the way up to just under 4 minutes!

Jung von Matt/Alster

Account Managing: Andreas Ernst, Peter Ströh, Sonja Stockmann, Julia Brinker, Lars Holling

Creative Director: Thimoteus Wagner, Markus Knemer, Thomas Heyen

Art Director: Johannes Ruffelmacher

Text: Justin Salice- Stephan

TV Producer: Christoph Köhler

Tony Petersen Film GMBH

Director: Christopher Sweeney

DOP: Ekkehart Pollack

Producer: Carlo Walther

Executive Producer: Julia Reed


Lead VFX Artist: Venancio David

VFX Artists: Miguel Algora, Fabio Vana, Mark Epstein, Matt Whimshurst, Emma Taylor, Zissis Papatzikis

Lion Fish Tamers: Gary Brown, Andy ‘Mo’ Hague

Producer: Maria Manton

Production Assistant: Gillian Mackie

Final Cut

Editor: Edward Cheesman

Assistant Editor: Kit Wells

The Mill

Colour Grading: James Bamford