Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

Produced by HBO Films and Rainmark Films, the film tells the story of Ali’s biggest match, his fight with the US government for refusing to fight in the Vietnam War.

Starring Benjamin WalkerChristopher PlummerFrank Langella and Danny Glover‘Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight’ follows the politics and hubris surrounding the war and the revenge exacted on America’s greatest sportsman of the 20th century for his decision.

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight should be on air in the Uk in October 2013

HBO Films & Rainmark Films
Director: Stephen Frears
Exec Prods: Jonathon Cameron, Frank Doelger, Tracey Scoffield
Producer: Scott Ferguson
Co-Producer: David Tnner
DoP: Jim Denault

VFX: Fabio Vona, Gary Brown, Jude Roberts, Venancio David, Pierre-Julien Fieux
Producer: Samantha Banack