New Worlds

Munky completed over 300 visual effects for Channel 4’s new restoration drama, New Worlds. Vfx supervisor, Gary Brown (Creative Director of Munky) worked closely with director, Charles Martin, throughout the production to create epic landscapes including Boston harbour in the late 1600’s and vast expanses of untouched American land as well as adding blood and gore to many of the clashes between English settlers and native Americans.

The Making of New Worlds VFX:

Company Pictures

Director: Charles Martin

Producer: Johann Knobel

Post Production Supervisor: Bejhan Kalantar


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

VFX Coordinator: Gillian Mackie

Flame Artists: Gary Brown, Venancio David, Fabio Vona, Mark Epstein

CG Artist: Ryan Passmore

After FX Artist: Chris Bristow

VFX artists: Emma Taylor, Miguel Algora, Keith Wallis