Nutella- “The Odyssey”

‘This is the story of a small but very brave hazelnut’

This charming advert for Nutella shows one hazelnut on the ‘journey of his life’ as he tries to make it from field to jar. We see him put through his paces during the rigorous selection process, since, as we all know, only the very best hazelnuts make the very best tasting hazelnut spread.

The Munky team also went on their own ‘Odyssey’ with Nutella, as we spent many many weeks working on the project. This included, not only, further nut beauty work, but also overall embellishing that took Matthias’s lovely direction and Mark Horrobin’s stunning grade to another level again. Munky also had some fun researching and creating that nut x-ray moment, lovely tongue in cheek humour there from Matthias. And keeping all fun in the family, Munky’s Maria Manton, also designed the animated map sequence, which includes a lovely little sail boat that illustrates the voyage of the nuts between Turkey and Italy, ending up at the the nearest port to the birth place of Nutella, Alba in Northern Italy.

Ferrero Netherlands

Havas Worldwide- Amsterdam
Art Director: Coert Buiting
Agency Producer: Erika Vocking
Copy Writer: Bart van de Winkel


Director: Mattias Hoehne
Producer: Russell Curtis


Lead VFX Artist: Venancio David
VFX Artist- Adam Fenwick
Animation Director: Maria Manton
AE Artist & Animator: Andy ‘Mo’ Hague
Producer: Maria Manton


Editor: Alex Hagan
Assistant Editor: Adam Buchmaster
Offline Producer: Zoe Hockings

Smoke & Mirrors

Colourist: Mark Horrobin
TK Producer: Andrew Salem