Based on the beloved children books by Michael Bond, this quintessentially British movie brings all the charm of Paddington to a new generation. When Paddington is forced to leave his home of deepest, darkest Peru, he finds himself all alone on a train platform in London. Quickly adopted by the Browns, Paddington’s endearing amazement at his new urban life brings him into the hearts of all that he meets. That is except an evil taxidermist, played by Nicole Kidman, who only has eyes for his rare and valuable Peruvian hide. With a stellar cast made up of Ben Whishaw, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Julie Walters, this charming film is not just for kids, but for anyone who grew up with Bond’s magical books.

It was a total delight to work on this film, especially as it gave us a chance to work closely with the brilliant Framestore. Munky worked on several shots, with our artists doing some beautiful graphics work, most notably in Paddington’s London wide hunt for ‘M. Clyde’. We also worked on shots in the wonderfully eclectic antique shop, embossing ‘Geographer’s Guild’ into Paddington’s hat.

Studio Canal & Heyday Films

Director: Paul King

VFX Producer: Robin Saxen

VFX Coordinator: Paul Ladd


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown & Maria Manton

VFX Artists – Venancio David, Fabio Vona, Mark Epstein & Brad Purnell

VFX Line Producer: Gillian Mackie