Plat du Jour

Plat Du Jour offers a glimpse into the real story of 1970’s fine dining. It moves beyond the glamorous world of the dining room – with its free-flowing Chianti, prawn cocktails, polyester shirts, crêpes suzettes and indoor smoking – to go behind the scenes of a restaurant where chefs put their heart, soul and the rest of their body into every dish they cook. It may give you an appreciation of exactly how much hard work the humble kitchen staff put into your meal. It may put you off your meal altogether. Then there’s just the small matter of settling the bill…

Directed by Milo Waterfield & Produced by Simon Swatman

Munky is a very proud collaborator with Lupus Films and Chris Shepherd for Channel 4’s late night short-form daily arts strand Random Acts.

It launched in 2011 and in its first year showcased 260 specially-commissioned three-minute films chosen for their bold and creative expressions of creativity.

Television as art, rather than about art, Random Acts enables a diverse supply of both established artists and emerging talent to create their own pieces, unmediated by presenters and unfettered by the conventions of conservative arts television. The short films disrupt the schedule with content including, but not restricted to, spoken word, dance, animation, video art and music.