Powerade – Skins vs Shirts

Wayne Rooney versus Wayne Rooney. One has been drinking Powerade and the other only water. A dual ensues where stamina wins out.

Two and a half hours on set with Wayne Rooney. Fourteen days in post production. This is as tight a schedule as it gets. Munky worked 24/7 to get this spot on air for the Manchester United v AC Milan Champions League encounter 16th Feb.

Rattling Stick
Director: Steve Cope
Producer: Kate Martin

Producer: Matt Minor
Producer: Clare Wallis
Creatives: Rob Doubal & Lawrence Thomson

Flame: Kamen Markov, Judy Roberts, Gary Brown, Dan Lorenzini, Jon McClellan, Marios Theodosi
Combustion: Chris Bristow
Shake: Pragti Wadhwa, Pavan Balagam
Maya: Simon Clarke