Private Peaceful

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Directed by Pat O’Connor and adapted for screen by Simon Reade, Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful staring Francis de la Tour and Richard Griffiths follows the early life of a pair of brothers and the exuberance and pain of their teenage love for the same girl, the pressures of their feudal family life, the horrors and folly of war and the ultimate price of courage and cowardice.

Munky worked on just over 130 shots incredibly in just 4 weeks. The film was beautifully shot on 16mm by Jerzy Zielinski and wonderfully graded by Rob Pizey at Deluxe 142.

Fluidity Films
Director: Pat O’Connor
DoP: Jerzy Zielinski
Editor: Humphrey Dixon
Producers: Guy de Beaujeu & Simon Reade
Post Super: Phil Brown

VFX: Gary Brown, Fabio Vona, Nick Bennett, Chris Bristow, Pragti Wadhwa, Pavan Kumar, Angus Wilson, Andrew Curtis
Producer: Gary Brown