Revolver – Let’s Get Together

This project was a true collaboration between White Lodge’s directing duo Tim & Joe and Chris Bristow. Fresh off their recent project for Diesel’s SS12 Eyewear collection, Tim & Joe approached Chris about this promo when it was in its earliest stages, as they really wanted to include a world that would be defined by the VFX that Chris could achieve.

Tim & Joe’s concept for this promo was a man that existed in two worlds at once – one where he couldn’t sleep, and another he could not wake from. His experience of these two coinciding realities would blend together through the use of VFX.

The three worked together on tests of the look they could achieve for the dream. As the story took shape the VFX evolved.

Once the promo had been cut the effects developed from the shots at hand. For two weeks the three worked together to develop and craft the look as they went, experimenting with different effects and methods until they achieved the look they wanted.


White Lodge
Director: Tim & Joe
Producer: Tom Booth

VFX Artist: Chris Bristow
Assist: Emma Taylor
Producer: Sam Banack