Seraphim – (The Awakening Teaser)

This project is a viral teaser that introduces the visual theme for a series of promos featuring an entire albums worth of singles from Project Maldonado, the joint venture of Liam Bailey (of Chase & Status) and ShyFX. Each unique video will encompass three or four tracks from the album and will feature, among others, artist Richie Culver.

Early in the conceptual phase of this project director Jamie Brunskill came to Munky to discuss how to approach the visual style he had in mind for the series. In tandem with Jamie and the SFX artist Dan Martin, Munky’s Chris Bristow helped develop surrealist imagery, highlighting form and function through isolation and combination of the human body.

Chris worked with Jamie to bring some of his initial composite stills to life and quickly distilled which techniques be adopted and which plates be filmed in order to create seamless live action shots.

Back at Munky, Chris began integrating and combining moving limbs from several actors. Rather than trying to join separate pieces together, Chris strived to understand how these new organisms should move and function as a whole. It was not simply a matter of adding a layer of skin over composited elements, but of adding muscles, which would contract and relax in accordance with the rest of the body.

These techniques and a touch of the twisted scientist allowed Chris to bring to life the larger creatures of this viral. The end result is a celebration of the grotesque. We look forward to getting involved in the main project through the course of 2013.

DAD London
Director: Jamie Brunskill

VFX: Chris Bristow
Producer: Samantha Banack