Skream – Rollercoaster ft Sam Frank

Exhilarating, absurd and uplifting, this promo promotes world wide boogie!

“A comet is on course to destroy Earth by midnight. Political leaders make speeches and the human race prepares for the end. That is, except for Tom, an amateur astronomer in a small town who discovers otherwise.

Tom bounds through the abandoned streets trying to convince the apocalyptic town’s people to relax and just have a party. As impact looms closer the comet’s ice shell melts to reveal what looks like a giant disco ball! Tom was right, but when the night comes will it bring the end of humanity or the biggest dance floor in history?” – dir: Ian Robertson

Colonel Blimp
Director: Ian Robertson
Producer: Tamsin Glasson

Lead VFX Artist: Chris Bristow
Lead CGI Artist: Ryan Passmore
Flame Mastering: Gary Brown
VFX Producer: Maria Manton