Based on Iain Bank’s best selling novel, Stonemouth is an exciting two part original drama airing on BBC 2. Following the apparent suicide of his best friend, Stewart Gilmour returns to his old home town of Stonemouth for the funeral. He didn’t leave under the best circumstances however and his arrival stirs up old rivalries and a past many had hoped to forget. Not only that but Stew becomes increasingly convinced that his friends ‘suicide’ may not have been as voluntary as everyone is trying to believe.

Delighted to be working with Charles again, Munky were involved in this project right from the get go, with Gary heading up to Scotland for on set supervision. The majority of our work was focused on ‘creating Stonemouth’, as it were. We worked on a number of exterior establishing shots, as well as significantly adapting the existing bridge into what you see in the final show. There were also a number of green screen shots- namely the ”suicide’ shot- on which Munky worked extremely hard to add a sense of distance and realism.

BBC Scotland / Slate North

Director: Charles Martin

Executive Producer: Andrea Calderwood

Producer: Alan J. Wands

Writer: David Kane

Post Supervisor: Lesley Weir


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

Flame Artists: Venancio David, Mark Epstein & Fabio Vona

Nuke Artists: Miguel Algora & Brett Bone

Line Producer: Gillian Mackie

Production Assistant: Kate Warburton