Sure – Alexandra Burke

Munky just completed post on Alexandra Burke’s commercial for Sure. It shows her going through a transformation from an ordinary girl in a studio to a diva with the stage set out before for her. AlexandLiane were approached by Lowe Worldwide creative directors Ronald Wohlmam and Max Bostad to bring a stylish twist to this ad for the womens deodorant.

Shot in Prague on 35mm by DOP Magni Agustsson and supervised by Gary Brown, the footage went straight into a local cutting room with Tony Kearns at the controls. Simone Grattarola at Rushes did a superb grade using their non-linear Resolve suite after which Munky had 10 days to finish VFX.

Director: AlexandLiane
Producer: Alvaro Weber

Factory Films
Producer: Paul Fennelly

VFX Artists: Gary Brown, Chris Bristow, Dan Lorenzini