From the director of V For Vendetta and The Matrix comes this thrilling, high octane action starring Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich. When Kate Abbott, Milla Jovovich, a State Department employee recently transferred to the American Embassy in London, is charged with stopping terrorists from entering the US, she ends up in the line of fire, set up for crimes she didn’t commit and running for her life. Forced to go rogue to clear her name, she is also racing to stop a major terrorist attack planned for New Years Eve.

Munky provided extensive monitor comps and graphics support for this feature. Our artists worked tirelessly on over 140 shots creating graphics and inserting them into both monitors and phone screens. Being a spy thriller based on government secrets, terrorist plots and a rogue agent trying to clear her name and expose what’s really happening, the graphics played a huge part and needed to be seamless and realistic. We also worked on multiple CCTV shots, giving them the authentic treatment, as well as adding in binocular scopes to many scenes. Being such a fast paced, multi-national plot, there was also the need for titling. We created and inserted multiple different titles denoting both location and timings. It was defintiely a full on project to work on but thoroughly rewarding!


Nu Image Films/ Millenium Films/ Winkler Films

Director: James McTeigue

Writer: Philip Shelby

Executive Producers: Jason Bloom, Mark Gill, Avi Lerner, Lonni Ramati, Trevor Short, David Varod & Les Weldon

Producers: Boaz Davidson, Alexander O’Neal, Matthew O’Toole, Charles Winkler & Irvin Winkler

VFX Supervisor: Danail ‘Dundee’ Hadzkiyshi


Lead Flame Artist: Richie White

Flame Artists: Venancio David, Mark Epstein, Fabio Vona, Adam Fenwick & Gary Brown

VFX Artists: Andy ‘Mo’ Hague, Brad Purnell, Ryan Passmore, Zissis Papatzikis, Miguel Algora & Emma Taylor

Line Producer: Gillian Mackie