Tennents – World Trip

Paul Minor and Newhaven bring Hugh Tennent and his trusty sidekick Barnes back to our screens in a new spot for Tennent’s. Brewed in Scotland and exported around the world for the past century, Tennent’s Original Export lager is finally making its way back home thanks to an intrepid pair of Scotsmen.

Undaunted by the prospect of trekking through scorching deserts and drizzly rain forests, the duo embark on a heroic adventure around the world, finding themselves in some exotic and colourful locations. Of course, our plucky explorers are a dashing sight throughout their epic journey, despite what looks like a great deal of walking and a hair-raising brush with the local wildlife.

But wherever they find themselves, Hugh and Barnes are met by something wonderfully familiar and decidedly Scottish. They are greeted with Tennent’s Original Export lager in all corners of the world, from tropical beaches to mountain tops. And as Hugh finds out, whilst exporting beer is a very noble pursuit indeed, bringing it home is truly inspired.

Known for his atmospheric and eye-catching work, Paul lends a wholehearted sense of fun and adventure to the spot. A touch of drama befitting this legendary journey is brought by cinematographer Matthias Koenigswieser and sound designer Gary Turnbull at GCRS. VFX and post production by Gary and Fab at Munky.

Director: Paul Minor
Producer: Patrick Craig

VFX: Gary Brown & Fabio Vona
Producer: Sharuddin Rosunally