The 7.39

A new two-part romantic BBC drama written by David Nicholls , The 7.39 stars David Morrissey, BAFTA winners Sheridan Smith and Olivia Colman, and Sean Maguire. Over a fight for a seat on their morning train commute, Sally and Carl begin talking and accidentally  embark on a steamy affair;  charged, funny, sexy and moving drama for grown-ups

The VFX team at Munky worked on a few shots heightening the atmosphere in climactic scenes and, rather crucially, made sure all the train times were correct! Which, as you can guess by it’s title, was imperative!

Writer: David Nicholls
Director: John Alexander
Producer: Lynn Horsford
Executive Producers: Sally Woodward Gentle, David Nicholls & Gareth Neame

Company Pictures
Post Production Supervisor: Bejhan Kalantar

VFX Artists: Gary Brown, Venancio David and Andy Godwin
After FX Artist: Chris Bristow
Production Assistant: Gillian Mackie