The Fear

Very pleased indeed to have got the call from Michael Samuels’s producer Tim Bricknell about this project back in the summer. We’d worked with Michael on Any Human Heart a while ago and had a real meeting of minds which culminated in a thoroughly enjoyable experience whilst working on drama of the highest order.

The schedule for production and post on The Fear was extremely tight. On our initial meeting we found ourselves immediately in the thick of it discussing how to create imagery that could convey the complex emotions and thoughts of a man not at terms with his onset of dementia whilst undergoing attack from a new mafia in town.

Though the overall framework was locked for shooting there was no shortage of discussion on how various sequences were to be played out with respect to what Munky could bring to the table. This approach kept us on our toes throughout filming. It doesn’t get much more exhilarating or satisfying than that on our side of the business. It didn’t finish on set though. The timeframe between shoot and broadcast was so tight that again the whole process remained very much live in that shots were hitting the cutting room floor as fast as new ones were being generated. Harsh and testing conditions indeed but ultimately rewarding.

With 72hrs before the BAFTA screening we got another call from the cutting room. Titles! Not enough time to undergo design work, previz or to shoot backgrounds. We worked the weekend however and came across something interesting, something bold and it fit.  We submitted a sequence for bafta that was well received and stuck with it. Again, massively exhilarating seat of your pants post production!

 We’ll be putting out some ‘how we did it’ videos soon.

World Productions
Director: Michael Samuels
Producer: Timothy Bricknell

VFX Artists: Gary Brown, Fabio Vona, Ryan Passmore, Venancio David, Pierre-Julien Fieux, Emma Taylor,
Producer: Samantha Banack