The Interceptor

This original, eight part BBC Drama follows Ash, who, with dreams of catching the biggest fish in London’s criminal underworld, joins the highly secretive and elite law enforcement organisation, UNIT. Operating primarily underground, and not always with the support of the London police force, or his wife, Ash and the rest of the team use the criminal network’s channels of communication to infiltrate and take down as many of the big players as they can.

Munky were thrilled to be part of such a thrilling and high octane BBC production. Our work ranged from simple clean up shots, ensuring authenticity and adding in little details for continuity, to big green screen shoots. We amped up the tension in the car chases, by increasing the amount of traffic on the road and adding in broken glass, our CG artists did exceptional work on the shots of Ash being pushed out of a bridge window and subsequently hanging over a motorway, and we also worked a little Munky magic on a climactic explosion.

BBC Drama Productions/ BBC Worldwide Productions

Director: Farren Blackburn

Writer: Tony Saint

Executive Producers: Sarah Brown & Tony Saint

Producer: Patrick Schweitzer

Post Supervisor: Jess Rundle

Post Co-ordinator: Nicki Gunning


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

Flame Artists: Venancio David, Fabio Vona, Mark Epstein & Richie White

Nuke Artist: Miguel Algora

AE Artist: Andy ‘Mo’ Hague

CG Artists: Chris Singer, Ryan Passmore & Sandra Guarda

Line Producer: Gillian Mackie

Production Assistant: Kate Warburton