The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries

The Lost Honour is an ITV two part drama, based on the true story of Christopher Jeffries, a retired Bristol teacher who found his life turned upside down when one of his tenants, Joanna Yeates, was murdered in December 2010. After becoming a prime suspect, and eventually arrested by the police, Jeffries was vilified and hounded by the press- even after it transpired that one of his other tenants, Vincent Tabak, was in fact the guilty party. Played wonderfully by Jason Watkins, we see Jeffries struggle to redeem his reputation, eventually taking the newspapers to court, and becoming a key witness in the Leveson enquiry into press behaviour.

Due to the timing of the murder, and subsequent investigation, one of Munky’s main tasks was making it look and feel authentically wintery, which meant creating ‘buckets of snow’ in many of the scenes! The director was also very focused on getting the tiny, precise details right, and so our artists worked very hard to put in subtle but striking elements to help ensure the right tone. Little things like aeroplanes flying through the sky added texture. There was also obviously a big emphasis on all of the media footage surrounding the case, and Munky were on hand to create news branding, and help make it look as seamless and realistic as possible.

Carnival Films

Director: Roger Michelle

Post Production Supervisor: Miranda Jones


VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown

VFX Artists: Fabio Vona, Venancio David, Mark Epstein, Miguel Algora & Keith Wallis

VFX Coordinator: Gillian Mackie