The Rugby League of the Extraordinary

The Rugby League of the Extraordinary created by agency VCCP and realised by director Lee Ford not only show the hard men of the RFL as warriors, but physically indomitable at the top of their game. The film depicts them in situations that while related to sport are simultaneously a million miles away from the rugby pitch.   It is a backstage pass to the RFL crossed with Mad Max.


Munky worked closely with Director Lee Ford and DoP Theo Garland right through pre-production establishing techniques both practical and post best employed to achieve this film. Following the shoot which took place in a run down old Tate & Lyle factory in the east end, the team worked round the clock for two weeks creating and building on the magic that brings the incredible feat’s we witness to another level.


Substantial rig removal and vfx throughout, Munky were also responsible for setting one scene on fire literally! Sam Tomkins the Wigan Whirlwind was filmed avoiding the giant spikey swinging balls which were hand tracked by Chris and Ryan, put through Maya for lighting reflection passes and onto Fabio who wrangled the composite with the addition of some live action fire.


The Rugby League of the Extraordinary starred…….
TOM BRISCOE – The Rocket from Hull FC
(He is the player in the locker room, who moves faster than the speed of light, so much so, he can pass the ball to himself!)


SAM TOMKINS – The Wigan Whirlwind
(He is the player who dodges spiked swinging flaming balls)


EORL CRABTREE – The Hulk of Huddersfield
(Pushes a 4 ton heavy laden skip)


JAMES ROBY – The St Helen’s Dynamo
(He can fire/pass balls so fast they penetrate walls)


(Receiver who doesn’t even flinch as he catches the ball fired through the wall)


Therapy Films
Director: Lee Ford
Producer: Barry Hughes
DoP: Theo Garland
Art Dir: Damien Creagh

Creative Directors: Jim Capp and Graham Drew
Creatives: Steven Dodd and Josh Dando
Producer: Becky Grove
DoP: Theo Garland
Art Dir: Damien Creagh

Lead VFX Artist: Fabio Vona
Maya: Ryan Passmore
PF Track: Chris Bristow
Producer: Maria Manton
Colourist: Stephen Gatti c/o MPC