The xx – Chained

“Chained” is the second single from Coexist; the second album by The xx and the second promo we’ve made for them.

Filmed exquisitely by LA director duo Young Replicant, this video has all the somber intensity that is distinctly xx. Applying their abstract narrative style, the team brought to life a story conceived by The xx’s Romy Madley Croft that takes place underwater. With the same simplicity of their music, each of the band members plays a part within this setting. As Croft describes it, “No vignettes, just three individual journeys.”

At Munky, Gary added subtle touches of iridescent colour which we see draw the band to the pool. They are brought closer together and under the surface of this intriguing world as the phenomenon builds in intensity.


Pulse Films
Director: Young Replicant
Producer: Rachel Rumbold

VFX Artist: Gary Brown
Assist: Fabio Vona, Emma Taylor
Producer: Sam Banack