Three Mobile – Pony Gifter

The Fleetwood Mac-soundtracked moonwalking pony spot, created by Wieden + Kennedy, has been retouched with snow, jingle bells and a tractor decked in tinsel!

Brought back to life by Blink Productions’ director Tom Kingsley, Munky’s Chris Bristow painstakingly created all the festive new backgrounds and Christmassy details!

The online “Pony Mixer” tool, allowing fans of the ad to customise their own version by choosing from a selection of music themes and accessories, is also making a comeback. Now called the “Pony Gifter”, users can add a personalised message to a selection of three pony films to share with friends.

Wieden + Kennedy 
Creatives: Hollie Walker, Freddie Powell & Katie Harrison
Proroducer: Madeline Smith
Digital: Tove Svensson
Account Director: Sophy Woltman
Programming & Interface Design: Media Monks

Blink Productions 
Director: Tom Kingsley
Producer: Ewen Brown

Lead Animation: Chris Bristow
Producer: Maria Manton