Three Mobile – The Pony Mixer

Munky and Blink co-produce 8 music genre ads with lots of variables for Three Mobile’s Pony Mixer app!!

Blink director Tom Kingsley teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to direct the interactive digital side of Dougal Wilson’s moonwalking pony campaign for Three. The campaign builds on Three’s appreciation for the country’s love of sharing – aiming to bring a smile to inboxes, newsfeeds and Twitter streams across the UK and actively participating in this new cultural trend.

To inspire the act of sharing even further Tom created 8 x 30” videos featuring the star of the spot, a dancing Shetland pony called Socks, which visitors can remix though a web-based app at From rock star to boy band, users can choose from a rich mix of eight music genres to join the fun and create their own customised dancing pony to pass on to others.

Intense production and animation for the videos took place here at Munky, where a massively dedicated team headed up by lead animation director Chris Bristow painstakingly created all the new backgrounds and details for users to play with.

Wieden + Kennedy
Creatives: Hollie Walker & Freddie Powell
Producer: Michelle Brough
Digital: Kieran Weir
Account Director: Nick Owen
Programming & Interface Design: B-Reel

Director: Tom Kingsley
Producer: Ewen Brown

Lead Animation: Chris Bristow
Producer: Maria Manton
Line Producer: Liz Chan
Animation: Rob Ward, Luca Paulli, Andy Hague
Additional Animation: James Newport
Flame artist: Venancio David
CG Artist: Ryan Passmore
Junior VFX Artist: Emma Taylor