Treasure Island

The Times 31/12/2011

New Year’s Day and Bank Holiday Monday

‘Pick of the Day’
previewed by Joe Clay:
It’s good to see that Sky are sinking some of their vast profits into quality programme making. A two-part adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s TREASURE ISLAND is the latest big-budget blockbuster they are bringing to the small screen, with the cast and production values of a decent Hollywood film.

A shaven-headed, goatee-bearded Eddie Izzard leads the cast with diabolic aplomb as Long John Silver, joined by a dazzling array of talent including Elijah Wood, Philip Glenister, Rupert Penry-Jones, Daniel Mays and David Harewood.

More than holding his own amid such starry talent is Toby Rigbo, who is excellent as the wide-eyed innocent Jim Hawkins. It stays pretty faithful to Stevenson’s swashbuckling adventure, and is beautifully shot on location in Puerto Rico and Ireland. A great start to the New Year.      

Munky worked on approximately 50 shots of leg removal for Long John Silver. All hands on deck and all manner of techniques to the fore. This is the kind of job that pushes ones VFX skills to new bounds. Ahar me hearties!

Director: Steve Barron
Producer: Laurie Borg
Visual Effects Supervisor: Diego Vazquez Lozano

VFX: Gary Brown, Nick Bennett, Fabio Vona, Dan Lorenzini, Chris Bristow, Colin Ebanks
Producer: James Chads