Van She – Idea of Happiness

From the brilliant and peculiar mind of Andreas Nilsson comes a video that is the definition of pure, irrepressible joy.

The video accompanies Van She’s latest single ‘Idea of Happiness’ and features a cast of memorable characters having the time of their lives. You’ll meet String Emil, a charismatic German thong-wearing phenomenon who will draw you in with his charm, as well as a curious cowboy and a businessman with some serious moves. Their world is brimming with beautiful imagery and striking vignettes, with some gorgeous cinematography by the very talented Jallo Fabre.

‘Idea of Happiness’ is the essence of Andreas’ offbeat style, evoking the dreamlike, carefree spirit of Van She’s music. It celebrates good times, good friends and partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Colonel Blimp
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Producer: Kristin Rathje

VFX Artists: Chris Bristow, Gary Brown & Nick Bennett