Years & Years – ‘Foundation’

The opening song to Years & Years brilliant debut album, ‘Foundation’ is a beautifully haunting track, with an equally as engaging video. Directed by the wonderful Fred Rowson, the dark and gothic imagery of the video match perfectly with the deep synths and menacing baseline, encapsulating perfectly the singer’s struggle to realise that his relationship ending is a good thing.

Munky worked on a few shots to help with the finishing touches on this video, with the main emphasis being on the final wide. Shot in a relatively small location, Fred wanted the viewer to feel like the group were in a much bigger space, and so our artists worked closely with him to establish just the right look and feel.

Colonel Blimp

Director: Fred Rowson

Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings


Flame Artist: Mark Epstein

Nuke Artists: Miguel Algora & Brett Bone

Production Assistant: Kate Warburton