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Visual Effects. Both 2D and 3D. Concept, design, previz, shoot supervision, temp comp, development and final comp. Visual effects of any scale are part of everything we do.

Autodesk Flame

We have 2 client attend Flame suites with Flare assist workstations. The sheer power, speed, reliability and diversity of Flame has made it the industry standard tool for finishing commercials. Other software is gaining ground on Flame but nothing can stand shoulder to shoulder with it in extreme emergency situations where time is your enemy.

Adobe After Effects

Munky has multiple After Effects workstations. AE has developed as an application massively in recent years from an already great application to something extremely powerful, fast and efficient. It is great at motion graphics, animation compositing and effects. This is no ‘back-room’ application. After Effects is fast and interactive enough for client attend sessions.

Autodesk Maya

Still the most versatile 3d CGI app, we use Maya as our staring block for most CG solution. In addition to Maya we also use Cinema 4D and Realflow.

PF Track and Mocha Pro

Amazing apps that keep getting better with each release. Each one brilliant at what they do and supplying VFX artists with the data they need to fix a shot or composite an element into one in which there is a complex camera move.

The Foundry’s Nuke

Nuke is another fast evolving app and the industry standard for film VFX compositing. It is particularly good at incorporating CG into composites allowing artists the freedom to relight and embellish with other 2D / 3D elements within 3D space. Recent developments have made Nuke much more interactive and a tool that stands its ground in commercials online.